Your 'Energy Partner' in Central New Mexico.
Improving the built environment, one home at a time!

Granger Technologies is a leading New Mexico-based energy consulting firm offering residential energy audits and HERS® Ratings for existing and new homes. 

Our mission is to assist you – homeowners, remodelers, and homebuilders – in determining cost-effective solutions that contribute to long-lasting comfort and energy efficiency.

With 30 years experience in the energy auditing / conservation field, we have the knowledge and tools to properly test and evaluate your home.

GTI approaches your house as a complete system. We assess the…

  • Building Shell - windows, doors, weather-stripping,  insulation, and air leakage
  • Heating / Cooling Systems / Domestic Hot Water
  • Appliances and Lighting
  • Solar Potential

This 'house as a system' approach is used in conjunction with your building site and your local climate to assess your home's overall energy efficiency. We'll make specific suggestions for improvement to help you save on your utility bills.
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